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True Power From a Boutique Law Firm



Our Identity



We take responsibility.

We provide a personal, yet dynamic and future-oriented approach to Intellectual Property for our clients.

We provide solutions instead of discussing problems.

We provide high quality, with no compromise.

We provide cutting edge business intelligence and crystal clear processes.

We are different, attractive for clients and staff, on the outside and on the inside.

Core Values

Highest Quality of Work

Passion for the Client

Passion for the Firm



We strive to be the leading

next generation IP law firm.

We revolutionize the microcosm of

patent attorney an b2b law firms.

Our clients enjoy IP and

they are sucessful with IP.

Teamed up with us, our clients emerge

as winners in the challenges

of digitalisation and globalisation.

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HI -


A boutique law firm, one hundred percent  specialised on intellectual property:


Patents, Trademarks, Designs,  Venture Capital, Contracts. We are reliable, experienced and realistic.

We are quite unique with our strategic approach to innovation management. In our understanding, patents are a tool for reaching our clients' business goals. We thus closely align the IP strategy to our client's overall business strategy. 

However, we have a special passion for finding beautiful and creative solutions. We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the largest names in the business and established a reputation for always bringing a creative  solution to the table.

Carsten Koch


Core Services


We help you analyse your market and your products‘ standings in the market. We carve out which type of patent strategy your products need. And we will, of course, apply the strategy when drafting your patent applications.

When it comes to analyzing a competitor's, or takeover target's, IP portfolio, we counsel and conduct an according due diligence, in a step-by-step process, in order to make sure you get what you wanted, in view of both, current technology and future scope of protection.

Let us have a look at your internal processes. We find the weaknesses and provide a solution. Whether the employee inventor’s right, the handling of new inventions, or workshops, we find and implement improvements.

We even go so far as to run pure IT projects with you, reporting and forecasting your full patent portfolio and your future costs.

Drafting, Filing, Granting

Our craftsmanship of course comprises the drafting, filing and prosecution of IP applications. Whether you need a patent, a trademark or a design, we provide highest quality services. The more you help us understand your needs, the more we can unburden you from having to care about these proceedings.

Legal Disputes

Infringement cases, nullity cases, preliminary injunctions. National and international. Whatever Court or Authority: We have huge experience and a strong worldwide network.

Inhouse, we provide specialised attorneys-at-law for representing you in all infringement cases, patents, trademarks, design, and competition law.

IP Strategy Consulting &
Due Diligence

Process Implementation and Business Intelligence


Our Track Record

More Than 200 Years of Cumulated Work Experience, in Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Business Law.

Organised in Four Expert Units

Mechanics & Physics

Digital & Electrotechnics

Life Science & Chemistry

Legal, Trademark, Design

Start-Up Companies
Sustainability Tech

Sustainability Clients

While we have our strongest client base in European SMEs, Hidden Champions, as well as European growing enterprises and inbound business from US and China, we offer distinctive support to both, Start-Up companies and sustainability tech companies.

Start-Up companies will find a true one-stop shop with us, a long-term passionate partner, attending to the company setup, venture capital law, trademarks, patents, cooperation agreements, from the very first step.

Sustainability tech clients will profit our worldwide sustainability support network, Green Alliance.





Aachen - Berlin - München




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