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One-Stop Shop for Start-Ups

We carefully listened to numerous start-up companies:


It is our desire to provide a genuine One-Stop Shop for start-up companies. Trademarks, Designs, Patents, Processes, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Company Statutes, Venture Capital, Private Equity, we provide next to all lawyer and patent attorney services that you need!

Inspired by our own dynamic growth, we had our lessons learned, and therefore set out to design services packages explicitly for start-ups. 

We offer these packages in a programme which we call "START!UP".

During our cooperation with you, we will never stop listening. Whenever you have a certain need, let us know. We are grateful for being offered the opportunity to continue learning.

FARAGO START! Most Wanted Packages

  • The most necessary step of all: Your name, registered for a flat fee!

    45 min

    300 € Flat + Office
  • As an additional service: a picture mark on top of your word mark

    15 min

    100 € Flat + Office
  • Individual session to our innovative pricing models for start-ups!

    1 hr

    1st Consulting Free
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